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As a new member may I welcome you to Southport & Birkdale Squash Club.

It is an important rule of the club that,to keep our squash court floors clean may I respectfully ask that you do not wear your court shoes BEFORE you come into the club. The car park surface at S & B is very stony and dirt and small stones in your shoes will damage the surface. [b] Also, under no circumstances must marking black soled shoes or dirty trainers be worn on our courts. Black soled shoes should be clearly marked as non marking.[/b]

The squash club is one of five sporting sections of Southport & Birkdale Sports Club. We also provide facilities for tennis, cricket, hockey and snooker. Your annual subscription entitles you to enjoy all our facilities and also includes house membership.

On joining you will receive a membership card which you should carry at all times when visiting the clubhouse. The card is proof of membership and gives you preferential rates at the club’s bar.

How do I get into the club to play squash? As a new member you will need to obtain a key to the squash club entrance door. The keys are available from the bar. There is a £5 returnable deposit on the key. Just ask for a squash door entrance key; the staff will ask you for your membership card. This is to prevent none members from being issued with a key.

How much does booking a court cost? There is a court booking fee of 50 pence for a 40 minute session on courts 1 & 2. The booking fee for the show court is £1.00 for a 1 hour session. This fee is payable if you want to book a court up to 7 days in advance. You can also play on spec; i.e. if you visit the club and there is a free court you can use it without paying the court booking fee.

How do I book a squash court? To book a court you must be registered on our online court booking system. To do this, go online to the following URL: Apply for registration; which is usually approved within 24 hours. The system will issue you with a username / password and PIN number. The username and password are to log on to the court booking system via a PC or smartphone. The PIN number is used to log on via the screen at the club. Once registered, to enable you to use the system and book courts you will have a £1 overdraft applied to your account. This is sufficient credit for 2 court bookings. To apply further credit to your account you must obtain a court booking credit voucher from the bar. They cost £5 and are enough for 10 court bookings. Apply the voucher number and voucher code to your online account via the "Top up with Voucher" button, any overdraft used is automatically deducted when the voucher number and code are applied to your account.

Can I change my Password and PIN? Yes you can change the password for anything you like. The PIN can also be changed to another issued by the system. To change your password and /or PIN go online to your court booking account select "MY SETTINGS" delete your current password and enter your own personal one. To change your PIN select the "click here to change PIN" link you cannot enter your own number; the system will issue with a new PIN

How long are the court sessions? The court sessions are 40 minutes for courts 1 & 2 and 1 hour for the show court. The times are set on the online court booking system and cannot be moved. To avoid dispute, we have strict rules on allowing court access to a player who has booked a court. To view these rules please see the advice “Playing on Spec” below.

Playing on Spec As previously mentioned, players are allowed to play on a court without booking if a court is free. This is however, on the strict understanding that the set court times cannot be changed. i.e. If another member books a court after an "on spec" match has commenced he / she are entitled to access to the court at the set time. To avoid confrontation "on spec" players are advised to book the following court if it is available.

How do I pay for squash court lights? There are two ways to pay for squash court lights.

1 A light meter token, cost £3, from the bar. This token provides 40 minutes of court lights. If you decide to use this method you will have to remember to have tokens available if the bar is not open. Bar opening times are 17.00pm to 23.00pm week days and 11.00am to 23.00 pm weekends. You are NOT allowed to play without lights.

2 The most cost effective way to pay for squash court lights is to buy a light meter override key from the bar. For a full year it costs £20.
There is a £5 (returnable) deposit on the key. This is an annual fee and MUST be paid when you renew your membership. As with the court entrance key, you will be asked for your membership card.

There are a number of advantages to having a key. The bar doesn’t have to be open to buy a token. You are not limited to 40 minutes, as with a token. You can play for as long or as short a time as you like.

HOWEVER, there is a STRICT rule regarding ownership of a key. You are NOT allowed to buy a key between a group of players; this rule also applies to couples. (The right to have an override key was introduced a number of years ago and means that S & B provide the cheapest squash in the area. Abuse of the system may mean it’s withdrawal)

Where can I book a court from? You can book from any PC, Tablet or Smart Phone that has internet access; from anywhere in the world. If you are at the club there will also be a touch screen monitor available (by the entrance to court number1)where you will be able have access to the login screen to see what courts are free and available to book (have your PIN number ready.

Can I cancel a court? Yes you can, BUT, if you cancel less than 48 hours before the court time your 50 pence court booking fee WILL NOT be automatically refunded. Cancelled courts are made available for other members to book; if it is booked your court booking fee will be re-imbursed. Be aware! Booking and cancelling courts or not showing up to play a court may prevent fellow members from playing. If a player makes a habit of booking and cancelling then sanctions, such as not being allowed to book for a period, at the discretion of the squash club committee may be imposed.

Can I play a non-member? Club rules state that non- members are limited to three visits to the club in any twelve month period. However, if you play a guest, a fee of £3 is payable at the bar either prior to or after the game. At this time it is not possible to pay the fee online so we rely on the members honesty to pay the guest fee.

The squash club management committee are entitled to block book courts, as necessary, for team matches, training sessions and club competitions without prior notice. The committee reserve the right to review and amend the court booking rules as may be required.

Do we provide squash coaching? Yes we do. Go to the section on Squash Coaching Our Junior coach is Jim Foggitt who is a highly experienced coach who joined our club in 2014. He runs junior training sessions on Saturday mornings. See details of the Junior Club's times and costs and contact numbers:

Squash Court Heaters Our courts are fitted with "state of the art" court heaters. They provide amongst the best playing environments in the North West of England. The heaters are linked to the squash court lights and will come on, if necessary, when the courts are cold. The temperature is set at 21 degrees C to provide a court temperature around 70 degrees Fanrenheit. If you find this too hot there is a switch adjacent to each light meter to switch the heater off. If you do switch it off, please remember to switch it back on when you have finished. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO INTERFERE WITH THE THERMOSTAT. If for any reason the heater does not come on it is because , either the court has reached the correct temperature, or there is a fault condition on the heater, this will have to reset by a trained person. Please report the problem to the club management or a squash committeee member.

Please enjoy your squash at Southport & Birkdale.


Brian Birch ( Chairman of Squash at S & B Sports Club)

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